The first life processes are rythms. In her mothers wom the baby (foetus) hears both its own hearts rythm and its mothers. No wonder that rythmics are so fundamental for us. In the western counties we are often suppressing our needs of expressing rythms since our dayly life is so busy. For many of us rythms and dance are connected with Saturday nights and maybe liqour.

By learning some basic rythms and beat-technique on the djembe-drum (originally from the Mandinka-tribe in West Africa), you can experience an exstacy of the rythm. When a couple of people play in some minutes it could be enough for many people to experience that their brains change and they get "naturally high".

You get in a feeling of "flow", a feeling of happyness that leeds to a loss of time-consiousness. Suddently several hours have passed. To get in contact with rythms by plying yourself gives you both a feeling of happyness and lots of energy!

With my guidance you can learn basic rythms from Guinea and Gambia and also beat-technique.