Learning to live

Carpe diem! Seize the day!

I have a vision! A concept about how to create a life of joy and harmony within ourselves and with other living creatures. When you feel good about yourself and enjoy good relationships, you perform better at work too.

I want to help people to live a life in harmony and happiness.

In my courses in Learning to live I can offer tools to make this process possible.
Learning to live has developed as a result of the combination of my education, my experiences in life and my personal interests.

Early in life, I realiized the extent to which mental pictures influenced my well beeing and my achievements. My interests were sports, horsebackriding and dancing.

My mother was Danish, which has contributed to my curiosity for other cultures than my own. This has led to different activities. I have been active in a Cuban dance company, I play West African drums and I have studied Qi-gong which I practice regulary.
All these practices, contain ancient knowledge about the connection between body and soul.

My strong interest for animals and their behavior, has helped me to increase my understanding for all living creatures around me.

For a company it is important to have visions and to be creative. Not only to follow the development itself, but to guide it. As an employee selfconfidence and flexibility is a must. To aquire the ability to both adapt to, and take advantage of the changes that take place.

Learning to live is a tool to improve these conditiones. In a society which is undergoing such a rapid change, the demands at work to take initiative, to be responsible, flexible and socially competent is greater than before.

I can offer lectures, weekend courses, workshops, individual talks and so on.

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